What We Do

Through our various teams of technology, marketing, and project management specialists we provide a wide array of services that have helped hundreds of businesses achieve their goals and maximize their return on investment.


We understand that a website is the doorway to your business and our customized website solutions make sure your bottom line is always at the front. We use platforms including Wordpress, Wix, and Bootstrap in addition to customized solutions using our proprietary Content Management System built using HTML, CSS, and PHP. Our web development process guarantees that the whole process is stress free for the client and every requirement is captured, met, or exceeded with the final product.

Web Applications

From simple MySql databases with basic data collection to complex technology solutions that serve a multitude of purposes our customized web applications are built with one thing in mind: the best user experience. We use a whole host of technologies bundled with agile project management to deliver each project on time, within budget, and on the mark with the scope. Our assigned project managers work as a bridge between the client and our team so they can help you visualize your ideas exactly how you want to.

Application Development

Over the years we have developed mobile applications for the iOS, Android, and Windows mobile platform that make use of a myriad of mobile technologies including location tracking, task management, push notifications, social connectivity, hardware control, data monitoring, and camera features. We focus on converting your ideas into actionable features and functionable apps. We use native technologies for each platform coupled with a host of database and programming tools to deliver mobile apps that are fast, secure, and reliable.


Our games provide an engaging experience that keeps players hooked and gives game publishers that all important play time. We take your idea and make it into a game that is not only fun for players but has a concept that gives it a better chance of being a success on the game charts. We provide you with monetization options that can help you make the best of the downloads. Our games include 3D shoot em ups, third-person shooters, role-playing games, social, and casual games. We also make sure our ASO specialists weigh-in on the best genres and game types.

Server Management

Here at YumyApps, we do our best to keep your server up and running without any bugs or lags. Our professional server managers work day in and day out to keep your server secure and competitively running for faster and more efficient browsing. With our most proficient team monitoring your in-house servers, you would not have to worry about system downtimes or any backup problems at all.

We are currently offering our server management services for AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Digital Marketing

In the era of online presence and digital footprint, you can trust our digital marketing team to ensure high-quality marketing and management of your product. Our team can be trusted to exhaust all digital channels to ensure the high-end, extensive marketing of your product online and offline, be it social media marketing, search engine optimization, content marketing, or search engine marketing. We will make sure your app gets the exposure it deserves.


We take pride in the fact that we provide our customers with the most competent DevOps Engineers, who remain diligent in ensuring that things run smoothly and swiftly between development and operations. Our DevOps engineers work hard to make sure that communication, control, and quality are ensured as well as delivered throughout. Due to their consistent efforts, we find our teams working well and being sincere in their collaborations with each other to achieve shared goals as well as deliver the most high-quality services possible.

Database Administration

Our database administrators provide supreme services when it comes to ensuring that your existing, as well as new app data, remains safe, clean, well-guarded, and bug-free. Our DBAs are here to make sure that your database management systems remain secure and running smoothly for as long as necessary. They also offer their finest services to make certain the consistent standards of performance and enforce organizational standards of security alongside the maintenance of data dictionaries and database design.


Virtual Team

We go beyond merely connecting you with a group of individuals. No matter where you are, our professionals will put you in touch with knowledgeable virtual teams to help you run your business successfully. The expertise of our virtual teams may enable you to succeed in any aspect of your business, whether it be data entry, customer support, lead generation, online services, or anything else. With regular contact and collaborative efforts, our highly skilled virtual teams help you run a tight ship, allowing you to grow your business and concentrate on your goals.

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